Ralphy Ray ~ Bio

Ralphy Ray, his truly name is Ralph Joseph Martinez, born in New York City Brooklyn, in March 1978, son of Colombian parents both from the city of Barranquilla. In 1981 his parents decided to return to their hometown after living in the United States for seven years. There, in Barranquilla Ralphy as all know him, lives his adolescence and therefore takes all his school tuition. Ralphy always showed up the musical restlessness which is inherited from his father, Rafael Martinez, who in his youth ages was member of several orchestras in Colombia and in New York. Also from his father side his grandmother was a piano player with several awards in Colombia.  On the maternal family side the musical vein comes from artists like Noel Petro an exponent of Caribbean music on the Atlantic coast of Colombia in the 70′s.

In his early years took accordion lessons in high school and was part of a vallenato group on one of the schools, participated in various events in college as a singer in the genre of ballads and salsa. In 1993 came to Miami with a dream to achieve, was part of different groups, and in 2005 Conformed  with Jhon Caicedo  the group K-OBA, recording in the genre of  romantic and dancing salsa. In 2008 was part of a great project los Hijos De la Arenosa with a great arranger and bass player Diego Torne where we honored a deserved tribute to JOE ARROYO one of the best tropical and popular singer in Colombia. Ralphy Ray has worked with many top  artists like;  Mr. Santiago Ceron, Cecilia Cruz, Juan Pina, Rey Reyes, Nacho Sanabria, Eddy Santiago, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Nestor Torres (Piper) and many more..

Today Ralphy Ray presents his first solo production titled Mis Deseos (My Wishes), the result of chemical with Carlos Camacho, arranger. Ralphy Ray brings a fresh style of modern salsa for people of different generations with the dreams of reaching the hearts of people in the world.

Ralphy Ray ~ Mirala

Saturday, October 30th, 2010