If you wish to have your song(s) and video’s uploaded to Platinum Mics simply email the song(s) in mp3 format along with video to upload@platinumMics.com. Please email a profile picture and Bio if available along with any website and/or links and  you may have so that fans may follow.

At the present time all artist pages and uploads are  handled by Platinum Mics to preserve the quality of the music and video’s being submitted. Once we have uploaded  the songs and videos submitted artist will receive and email with a user name and password which you may change for your convenience. Once the artist page has been completed and song(s) have been added you will receive and email with your page Id. This way artist can share the link for others to follow.  If you wish to make changes or add new content before receiving your new user name and password simply send an email requesting the changes and/or additions you wish to make. 

 Coming Soon!! Platinum Mics will offer Artist the opportunity to sell songs  for digital downloads. More details to follow.

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International Artist W8 Form: fw8ben