Hope to see you at the fourth edition of #IheARTandSOUL IV. Here are 10 reasons you should be there:

10. It starts on time. we get it – it’s a weeknight, folks have jobs, kids, other early a.m. obligations. Doors – 8pm, 1st set 8:30, and show is over by 11pm. BELIEVE that. Come late if you wanna…u gon’ miss out.

9. …The location. Kat’s Café is the PERFECT venue for this show. Nestled in midtown, it’s Intimate, candle-lit, vibey eccentric environment creates the perfect atmosphere for a show like this. The food and drink menu is GREAT and very budget-friendly, AND the parking is free.

8. The concept. Live acoustic performances and Live art SIMULTANEOUSLY delivered. Got a date, client, out-of-town guests you want to impress? This is the perfect experience to share!

7. The songs. BOTH originals and covers are presented at #IheARTandSOUL, quench your thirst for undiscovered indie music, plus get your ‘sing along’ on with old and new classics that span genre’s and decades.

6. The musician. Anyone into the music scene in Atlanta already knows Billy Odum. This cat is a guitar bad-a**. His precise, crisp, clean style makes him the perfect accompaniment for an acoustic vocal show.

5. The host. Michael McFadden is charming and retarded at the same time. His slick sense of humor and ‘humble star quality’ keep you engaged and make you feel welcome and excited about being there.

4. The sketch artist. Jason ‘JHigh’ Hightower creates unique sketches LIVE right before your eyes. His pieces are inspired by music and he is often moving his pencil in synch with the music being performed. His pieces are something to see, definitely one to add to your personal art collection.

3. The vocalists. Miss Miller croons Neo Soul, Jazz and R&B with sensuality and seduction, her voice is airy, crystal clear and hypnotic. She sucks you in from the first note. Maya Neiada is a chameleon, criss-crossing between falsetto and full-blown; classic-rock to hip-hop to pop; low-key to high-energy delivery, and her stage presence is irresistible. Miss Miller and Maya Neiada are a must-see and a must-hear.

2. The twist. IheARTandSoul is noted for having a surprise ‘twist’ in each show. In #III the crowd was educated and entertained by a sex expert, also treated to some impromptu poetry. In #II we had a guest vocalist stop through and treat us with background vocals…hmmm, what will the twist in #IV be? Perhaps some Comedy…Come see!!

…and the most important reason:

1. You are supporting indie/unsigned artists develop, share and earn money from their craft. We pour time, sweat, energy, MONEY, passion and heart into our music and art. Your support is more appreciated than you will ever know.

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