Biggie Smalls

The killing of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls are the two most tragic deaths in the history of hip hop culture.  Both of the killings were never met with any real source of justice.  There were no arrests made for either case, and they both officially remain unsolved.  Retired Detective Greg Kading, who worked the case investigating the murder of Biggie Smalls, claims to know who was really responsible for his death.

Kading was brought aboard the case after Voletta Wallace, Biggie Smalls’ mother, filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles and the L.A.P.D.  She was seeking millions of dollars in damages, and the police department suddenly became very motivated to solve the case. 

Kading claims to have obtained two sworn confessions from individuals who said they were involved in the killings of Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace and Tupac Shakur.  After having obtained these confessions, he was suddenly taken off the case and his case was eventually pushed aside as being a “cold case”, so Kading eventually quit the force out of frustration.  He did, however, make copies of all of the evidence he obtained while investigating.

Complex recently sat down with Kading to discuss his conclusions on the case, and Kading had some very interesting and shocking theories about the actual culprit regarding the killing of Biggie Smalls. Kading believes the shooter was actually Wardell Fouse a.k.a. Darnell Bolton a.k.a. “Poochie”. Remember, all of his conclusions are backed up by thorough research that he conducted over the years.

Kading said:

“Suge Knight was absolutely enraged. Not only had he been shot at, but his friend [Tupac Shakur] was killed next to him in the car. Suge always knew who was responsible. He looked directly into the eyes of Keefe D, who was in the shooter’s car. Keefe D was a member of the Southside Crips and a well known person to Suge. That explains why the next day this huge war broke out in Compton between Suge Knight’s gang entourage and Keefe D’s gang entourage.  Suge Knight ended up going to jail on a probation violation, stemming from the beating of Orlando Anderson [Ed. Note—Anderson is Keefe D's nephew, also a Southside Crip who allegedly shot Tupac.] in the MGM Grand hotel. While Suge was in jail, he conspired with his girlfriend. Suge gave her the directive to get Poochie.  

Wardell ‘Poochie’ Fouse was paid to kill Biggie. At the time, he was a 36-year old member of the Mob Piru Bloods. According to several Death Row insiders and FBI informants, Poochie was a down-for-the-cause, hardcore gang member. Confidential sources from the Death Row entourage, the Mob Pirus, and [Suge's girlfriend, identified in Kading's book by the alias "Theresa Swann"], said Poochie had done shootings for Suge in the past.

Reggie Wright Jr.—who was the head of Death Row security—said Suge and Poochie’s relationship was different than other members of the gang. They had a very secretive and exclusive relationship.   Suge’s girlfriend and Poochie agreed to terms. He received two payments, one for $9,000 and one for $4,000. Poochie lay in wait outside the Petersen Automotive Museum. As soon as he became aware of where Biggie was sitting in his car, he drove up and he shot him.”

Poochie was shot and killed in 2003 in Compton.

Source: Complex

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