4 A.M. ~ Bio

Who Is 4 A.M.? Travis (Travis Wright), TK (Terrance Richardson), NuNu (Miltwon Hughes) and Lucky (Robert Spearman). 4 A.M. means ‘For All Misses’ and is a Chicago base singing sensation. With their electrifying moves, unique sound and dynamic sex appeal, they are striving to be number one in all aspects of music. Starting in September of 2009, Under the guidance of J.Sto (Fly Boyz whose produced Reign, Moonie and Jeremiah to name a few) they’ve released their very first single “Lay It Down” which grabbed the hearts of some many screaming girls, and women alike. 4 A.M. has something to offer for all misses.  With in the short period of time they’ve accomplished so much and their future is burning ever so bright. Débuting their first single on TrueStar Radio, being a featured guest on 106 and Park, and performing in cities around the world. They stop at nothing until the world is singing and dancing along with them.  Their inspirations include B2K, N’Sync, Jackson 5, Destiny Child, James Brown and none other than Michael Jackson himself. 4A.M.’s fresh pop sound will take the industry by storm as they travel all over Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Atlanta, Indiana, etc; creating a huge fan base for themselves.

4 A.M.’s musical prowess will cause listener’s to forget the dark times in their lives and focus on the shining moments. As you listen to their music—the production talent as well as the strong vocals– and watch them perform you will remember that the break of dawn is imminent. Let the music energize you and the voices set your heart at ease. Their energy will galvanize you. Their melodic voices and pitch perfect harmonization is sure to not only entertain, but help make it through the day.

Ways to get in contact or see 4A.M.’s work is:

4 A.M.

Sunday, November 7th, 2010